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Faced with uncertainties about using multiple licenses in your project? Fear not! Our cutting-edge approach, Legalzard, a product of UXLivingLab, is ready to guide you through this intricate landscape.

How LegalZard BOT Operates

  • License Text Parsing

    LegalZard BOT carefully analyzes and parses the license text of your software components.

  • Attribution Identification

    It identifies and attributes specific clauses and conditions within the license text, considering nuances that might impact your compliance

  • Attribute Comparison

    The BOT then compares the attributions of the license text against a vast database of known licenses, meticulously identifying matches and variations.

  • Accurate Results

    By evaluating the varied attributions of license text, LegalZard BOT provides accurate and insightful answers regarding the compatibility of any two licenses.

Installation of LegalZard BOT

With each push to the repository, the webhook triggers the check_compatibility function, reporting the status of your license compatibility


LegalZard BOT

Through meticulous evaluation, we provide a comprehensive percentage, precisely determining the compatibility of any two licenses. Access over 500+ software licenses on our platform for a seamless user experience.

Encounter thorough information, from descriptions and categories to disclaimers and conditions, all presented in a user-friendly manner. Intelligent Bot-Assisted Calculations: Our bot enhances your decision-making process, swiftly and accurately calculating the compatibility percentage between any two licenses.

This innovative feature ensures efficiency and precision in your open-source licensing journey, empowering you with insights for informed choices in your project.

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